2014 Past Programs

Here’s a listing of all programs in 2014:

12/11/14      Jan Williams                       Heartland Senior Services

12/04/14     Jason Herzog, David Peiffer     ISU Lunabotics Club

11/20/14     Kiley McLaughlin                Getting Involved at Reiman Gardens

11/13/14      Camille Sloan Schroeder   Teamwork and LEGO Robot Competitions

11/06/14     Bill Fennelly                          ISU Women’s Basketball Program

10/30/14    Rhea Von Busse                    Animal Flight– From Scales to Skin

10/23/14     Mandy Ross                           Ames School Update

10/16/14     Rob Holm                               CyRide

10/09/14    Josh Vanderzwaag               Ames Police Experience

10/02/14    Ron Orth, Scott Walker       Crop Walk

09/25/14     The Club                                  Officer Installation Banquet

09/18/14     Kathie Obradovich               Iowa’s Political Landscape

09/11/14      Haley Nelson                        Working to Establish a Children’s Library in Tanzania

09/04/14     Steven Siemens                     Inside, Looking at the Outside
08/28/14     Kelly Diekmann                   Ames Comprehensive Plan Update

08/21/14      Joseph Mawain                   Joseph Mawain, One of the ‘Lost Boys of South Sudan’

08/14/14      Tom Emmerson                    Murder, Mayhem, and Misadventures in Ames and Beyond

08/07/14     Susan Raich                          The White Ship Disaster of 1120

07/31/14       Andrea Moeller                    Wildlife Care, When We Can and Can’t Help

07/24/14       Paul Heidbreder                   Ames Tribune, Present and Future

07/17/14       Christine Sutton                   A Caregiver’s Story of Survival

07/10/14       Gerri Bugg                              Child Protection Requirements

07/03/14      Vik Dalal                                 Solar Energy in Iowa and the US

06/26/14       Sara Buss                                 Ames Professionals’ July 4th Fireworks

06/19/14       Mike Cox                                  Water Quality Improvement

06/12/14       Arne Hallam                           World Population Growth

06/05/14      Jim McCalley                           Wind Energy

05/29/14      Jay Ramsey                               New Link Genetics, an Ames Cancer Immunotherapy Co.

o5/22/14      William Clark                           Return of a Native: Bobcats in Iowa

05/15/14       Orientation Committee         Golden K Kiwanis: What We Do

05/08/14      Martin Smith                           ISU Track and Field for 2014-15

05/01/14       Casie Vance                             Celebrating 150 Years of Ames

04/ 03/14       Elizabeth Burns-Thompson    Social Media

04/10/14        Dennis Keeney                       Experiencing Galapagos with my Grandson

04/17/14        Carl Vondra                             The East African Rift System

04/24/14        Christy Johnson-Lynch        ISU Volleyball 2014


03/06/14        Pat Miller                                  Bringing Speakers to Iowa State

03/13/14         Christian Martin                    Celebrating Ten Years of Food At First

03/20/14        Neil Harl                                    Are Wen Facing a Replay of the Farm Debt Crisis of the 1980s?

03/27/14        Sipele Quezada                       Homeless Students in Ames


02/06/14        Carl Kurtz                                  Discovering Where You Live

02/13/14         Rob Wallace                             The Botany of Beer

02/20/14        William Gutowski                   Our Changing Climate

02/27/14        Les Wolfe                                   Deep Sea Fishing Out of Puerta Vallerta, Mexico


01/02/14         Sara Merritt                             Grant Woods, His Life and His Works

01/09/14         Carl Vondra                             Hydraulic Fracking— Some Concerns

01/16/14          Elizabeth Gildea                     Current Events in Social Security

01/23/14         Jody Melcher                          The Eliminate Project, a Kiwanis International and UNICEF joint program to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.