Ames Golden K

Membership Minutes


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January 12, 2017


Attendance:  54 members, 2 guests  

Location:  St. Paul Lutheran Church


The meeting was called to order by President Pete Peterson at 9:00 a.m.  Opening ceremonies were led by Roger Andersen.  Invocation was given by Craig Ause. 


Announcements and Sharing Time:

1.     Lowell Yeager.  Has been hospitalized following recent surgery

2.     Ron Skrdla.  Had an accident by falling off a ladder and fractured his hip.  Is recovering and should return soon.

3.     Larry Vallery.  Announced that his the proud great-grandfather of his 12th great-grandson. 

4.     Kent Ziebell.  Joined as a new member.  Orginally from Hubbard, Iowa.  Graduated from ISU and worked in the IT department.  Recently retired in Ocotber, 2016.  Has 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.  Interested in serving in Kiwanis and especially the reading program.

5.     Ames Public Library.  Geri Hyde was presented to receive a check for $700 for childrens’ books as part of our Charity Donation Program.

6.     GK Listeners.  Larry Trede updated the club on the GK Listeners.  Program has expanded into kindergarten classes and there is an opening for one GK member to serve as an Listener for the kindergarten class.  Substitues are also needed.


Humor.  Provided by Bob Sperry


Program.  “ISU Women’s Basketball Program,” by Bill Fennelly, Head Coach.


Next Week.  “WPA Art,” by Lee and Gayle Huey.


The meeting was adjourned by Peterson at 10:00 am.

Submitted by


Larry Trede

Club Secretary