2013 Past Programs

Here’s a listing of all programs in 2013:

12/05/13         Richard Johnson                    How Do Our Laws Get Written

12/12/13          John & Sandy Slaughter      Moscow to St. Petersburg, Road Trip

12/19/13          Steve Russell                            The Lewis and Clark Trail by GPS

12/26/13          (no meeting)

11/7/13             Paul Turner                               A MidIowa Organizing Strategy:  AMOS

11/14/13           Dr. Rob Denson                       DMACC: State of the College

11/21/13           Bill Boon                                     Children’s Books

11/28/13          (none)                                          No meeting!  Give Thanks!

10/3/13             Golden K Members               “Short Bios by Selected Golden K Members”

10/10/13          Dakota Morgan, ISU              “Prisum, ISU’s Solar Car”

10/17/13          Eric Hakmiller                         “Ethanol Production, 2013 – 2015”

10/24/13          Bev Kruempel                          “Care and Support after Michelville”

10/31/13          Cassidy Williams, ISU           “Ungrounded/Techology & British Airways”

9/5/13              Steve Hanlin                            “Bees & Other Pollinators”

9/12/13            Linda Naeve                            “Uganda Farmer-to-Farmer Project”

9/19/13           Deb Lewis                                  “The Iowa Native Plant Society”

9/26/13           None                                            Officer Installation Banquet

8/1/13              Bob Steffes                               “Gulf BP Oil Spill”

8/8/13              Curtis Young                          “An American’s Experience in the Balkan Penninsula”

8/15/13            Bob Deppe                               “Railroads Build to Business”

8/22/13           Kristin Pates                            “Live United”

8/29/13           Elizabeth Beck                         “Tanzania:  The Northern People & Animals”

7/4/13              None                                          July 4th Holiday, No meeting

7/11/13            Julie Schneider                    “The Gift of Life”

7/18/13            Steve Wilson                         “Energy Conservation and Sustainability”

7/25/13            Laura Schinow                     “Senior Investment Fraud”

6/6/13              Lynn Whisler                           “MGMC’s Master Facilities & Site Plan”

6/13/13            Carol Elbert/Carolyn Jons        “Raising Readers”

6/20/13           Joan Herwig/Bernie White         “A New Way to Travel and See the World”

6/27/13           Melissa Mundt                         “What Do Assistant City Managers Do”

5/2/13              Andy Garman                          “Who is Andy Garman”

5/9/13              Brent Pearce                            “How Many People Can the Earth Feed?”

5/16/13            Dennis Keeney                        “Our Trip to the Antarctica”

5/23/13            Jerilyn Logue                          “OLLI at Iowa State University”

5/30/13            Ellen Pirro                                “Counter-Terrorism 101”

4/4/13              Lois White                               “The Incredible Edible Egg”

4/11/13            Lynne Carey                            “Update on Ames Public Library”

4/18/13            Mark Schneider                      “The Iowa Arborteum”

4/25/13            Ted Solomon                           “Comparing the Great Religions of the World”

3/7/13              Christy Johnson-Lynch       “ISU Women’s Volleyball”

3/14/13             Lorrie Hanson                         “Do you Know Where your Garbage Goes”

3/21/13             Ann Campbell                         “The State of the City”

3/28/13             Bret McLain                             “Story County Freedom Flight”

2/7/13              Wes Buchele                            “Creating Jobs Using New Homesteads”

2/14/13             Joel Sparks                              “American Pork”

2/21/13             Charles Kniker                       “Charting College Basketball Officials”

2/28/13             Cindy Edge                              “Iowa Physician’s Orders for Treatment (IPOST)”

1/3/13              Betty Bocella                            “Volunteer Management for Disaster”

1/10/13            Marlene Ehresman                “A Path of Healing Wild Lives, Wild Land & Humans”

1/17/13            Nancy Carroll                          “An Update on Parks and Recreation”

1/24/13            Stuart Anderson                     “Iowa’s Public Roadway System”