Golden K Singers

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Meet the Golden K Singers

In the early 2000’s, Kiwanian Warren Frahm suggested some folks might like to stay after a meeting and sing a bit.  They did, and today The Golden K Singers has grown into an active group of more than 25 singers who present a dozen or so performances a year.  We sing at nursing homes, the Ames Senior Variety Show, charity fund raisers, as well as full concerts.   Mary Nelson and Laura Lagrange accompany the group and Golden K’er Joe Traylor directs.  The group rehearses weekly on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm in the Green Room at Northcrest Community on 20th Street in Ames.

Singing events for 2017 include:


May 7       Family Night concert, Northcrest Community, Ames.  7:15 pm, Green Room.

May 9       Health Care Center, Northcrest Community, Ames.  3:30 pm.

May 11     Edgewater , West Des Moines, 6:30 pm.

May 16     Bickford of Ames, 3:30 pm.

Aug 18      Senior Variety Show, 7:30 pm, Ames
Aug 20      Senior Variety Show, 2:00 pm, Ames

      Sep 21      Northridge Village, 2:30 pm, Ames

Sep 28      Ames Golden K Kiwanis Installation Program, 11:30 am

Nov 5        Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance Benefit, Ames

      Dec 5        AKTION Club of Ames, 4:00 pm, First United Methodist Church

Dec 9        Bethesda Lutheran Brunch, Jewell

Dec 12      Health Care Center, Northcrest Community,  Ames, 3:30 pm

      Dec 14      Bickford Senior Living, Ames,  3:30 pm

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