Listeners Program Inaugurated

The new Ames Golden K Kiwanis Listeners program is off to a fine start!  Pictured above:   Front row, from the left:  Lowell Richardson, Bruce Wight, Jim Cornette, Sue Seaton (Nevada Kiwanian), Larry Trede, Pete Peterson.   Back row, from left:  Don Muff, Bud Voetberg, Dick Wilson, Dennis Smith.

On Monday and Tuesday of each week, at Edwards Elementary School, Kiwanians will listen to first grade students read, help them with an occasional word, and perhaps briefly discuss the content of the work.  There are three first grade classes, and each day, a Kiwanian will work with six students from a class, with 15 minute sessions for each student.

Here are just a few of the Kiwanians’ comments following the training session with teachers and Sue Seaton, a “Story County Raising Readers” consultant and, incidentally, President of the Nevada Kiwanis Club

We had an outstanding orientation by the teachers and by Sue.  Edwards is a gorgeous building, classroom, and gymnasium!  We left thinking we knew what we were going to do, and the prospects of success are quite good.   At the end of the semester, we will ask the teachers and ourselves, “Did we make a  contribution?”