Record-sized Interclub to Nevada 2018

Eighteen members of Ames Golden K journeyed to Nevada March 27 to attend the Nevada Kiwanis weekly meeting.  Golden K’s Larry Trede was the featured speaker. Larry, with assistance from Kent Ziebell and John Arthur shared details of the Golden K’s successful efforts to raise funds for the new Ames Miracle League Park.  Pictured are Golden K attendees: Rear, from left: Harry Budd, Bob Sperry, Wayne Hagemoser, Don Muff, John Arthur, Keith Folkmann, Larry Vallery, Kent Ziebell, Pete Peterson. Front, from left: John Slaughter, Tom Peter, Dick Peterson, Gina Spohnheimer, Alan Spohnheimer, Ron Skrdla, Larry Trede, Craig Fulton and Duane Brodie.

Larry showed the top trophy for the leading team in the current series of fund raising:


And here he is with the 2nd place gag trophy for the team that is losing the current series: