New Directions for Paper Collections 2019

The recycling company in Mason City that buys our paper collections (to make insulation products) becomes backlogged from time to time, especially due to lengthy inclement weather such as what occurred last winter.  This can cause a shortage of empty trailers available for our collections. Although Golden K has no control over the delivery of an empty trailer to our Ames location (the CENEX Station, 919 East Lincoln Way), we are trying to improve our communications with all users , so that they do not travel to our site unnecessarily when the trailer is closed up. As a remedy, we will send an email to all users that provide us with their emails each time that a trailer is opened or closed. Please send an email to Golden K member Bob Sperry at with your request to be added to our list. Because of past problems involving processing the paper mixed with corrugated cardboard, the recycling company (and therefore we) can NO LONGER ACCEPT CORRUGATED CARDBOARD.
The Golden K paper recycling effort began in the Fall of 2012 as a means to raise funds to donate to non-profit organizations in the Ames area that serve children. In the nearly 7 years of paper collection, 61 truckloads (1.5 million pounds, 783 tons!) has been supplied to the recycling company, raising $27,010.59 for our service work.
We are looking forward to continuing to faithfully serve all who contribute their paper to the Golden K paper trailer.
Golden K members pictured at the Paper Trailer location from the left, Terry Wycoff, Dennis Senne, Tom Peter, Lonnie Mannes, Norm Scott.