Good Neighbor Residence Project

Ames Golden K recently presented a check for $800 to Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance {GNEA} through the club’s Charity Donation Program.  GNEA provides financial emergency assistance to Story County households for rent, utilities, food assistance vouchers, and transportation.  Unemployment, illness, or an unexpected catastrophic event are among the reasons for a household to seek GNEA’s help. COVID-19 has exacerbated many households need for financial assistance. GNEA funding comes from grants, individual donations, special events/fundraisers and donations from civic minded non-profit organizations. Pictured from the left: Norm Scott, Golden K; Jim Trenberth, Past President, GNEA; Lori Allen, Director, GNEA; Charlie Weber, President, GNEA; Lynn Miller, Treasurer, GNEA; Keith Folkmann, Golden K.