ISU Volleyball 2020

Iowa State’s Head Volleyball Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch was the featured speaker at a recent weekly Thursday Golden K Kiwanis meeting which continues to be held virtually via ZOOM.  Ms. Johnson shared the following:
  • All but one volleyball team member returned to ISU for preseason training shortly after July 4. The absent team member didn’t arrive from Argentina until August 8 due to travel restrictions. All team members were Quarantined for 1 week and tested for COVID prior to beginning their training regimen.
  • There are 20 players on this year’s team. The team has been divided in to “pods” consisting of 2 groups of 10 players, which minimizes the number of team members that may have to quarantine should any pod member contract COVID.
  • All players and coaching staff wear masks at all times while training–this can be challenging from a communications standpoint. Social distancing is strictly enforced.
  • Off Court behavior by players and staff to minimize COVID exposure has been successful.
  • All matches this Fall will be against Big 12 opponents–no non-conference matches will be played, until ISU qualifies for the NCAA tournament which will consist of 32 rather than 64 teams and be held in the Spring.
  • All matches are “Double Headers” rather than the “Home and Home” traditional Big 12 schedule.  ISU’s first match will be the weekend of 9/25-26.  There will be no admission charged for ISU home matches.  Hilton seating will be ideal for social distancing by fans attending matches. A schedule for the season will be released in early September.
  • All players, including Senior team members, will retain eligibility whether they opt in or opt out to play.
  • With only one team member graduating last Spring, this ISU team is as talented and deep as any team Christy has coached at ISU.
  • There is great experience at every position. Outside hitters have been especially impressive in early workouts.
  • Baylor and Texas are the early favorites to win the Big 12, but ISU will certainly be more than competitive and will challenge for the title.
  • Biggest Challenge–Staying out of quarantine! 25-50% of scholarship players in quarantine could cause cancellation or possible forfeiture of a match.  During the season, testing will be done on each player 2-3 times a week with one test within 12-24 hours before each match.
Golden K members were very appreciative of Ms. Johnson taking time from her very busy schedule to speak at their meeting. Iowa State University is very blessed with having a volleyball coach as caring for team and staff, knowledgeable and competitive as Christy Johnson Lynch.