Recycling Paper Project


Golden K’er Jim Penney is ready to carry another load of paper for the Ames Golden K paper recycling project to the collection trailer at CENEX, 919 East Lincoln Way, Ames.  Having started in the fall of 2012, we are filling a fresh trailer about every six weeks.   The paper is sold to a recycler and the proceeds— all 100%!— go to  the  financial support of area agencies.    To see how much we’ve earned so far, click here.


Anyone can contribute paper.  We’d love to help us help others!

Paper such as newspapers, magazines, soft-backed books, letters, advertising, and clean cardboard are just what we’re looking for.   Dry materials only, please.  NOTE:  pizza boxes are NOT accepted, just like other paper materials that are dirty, oil-stained, or food-contaminated.

Three ways for you to contribute:

  1. Contact any Golden K member
  2. Carry your gatherings to the collection site in the trailer at CENEX, 919, E Lincoln Way, Ames
  3. Email John at to request a pickup: