Paper Collection Back in Service! July 2, 2021

News story, 07.02.21
Ames Golden K Kiwanis Club
For Immediate Release

New Trailer in Place July 2, 2021

The Ames Golden K Kiwanis Club is pleased to announce that its paper recycling project has re-started following the disastrous fire that destroyed its recycling paper trailer on May 8th. The paper trailer is at the same location, Cenex Service Station, 2700 East Lincolnway, Ames. Seventeen club members spent hundreds of hours disposing of damaged paper, removing the damaged trailer, and cleaning up the site to make it usable again. (See photos below.)
Currently, the trailer will be open 7 days/week, 24 hours/day, Individuals and companies can dispose of wastepaper, soft-covered books, paper-back books, shredded paper, by placing them inside the trailer. No plastic cartons, other plastic materials, cardboard, or carboard boxes are allowed. A security plan is being developed by the club. Once the plan is completed, the public will be notified if changes are made in the hours of public availability.
The paper recycling project is a major fundraiser for the club. Proceeds are used for the club’s Charity Donation Program which supports 16 local family and children’s’ charities in the greater Ames area. This past year, the club donated $14,000 to local charities.
The club apologies for the unavailability of its recycling trailer for the past several weeks; however, we sincerely appreciate the support and patronage by individuals, companies, and agencies given for our donation project.

Cleanig the wet, pulpy paper that did not burn was a BIG job.

2 Comments on “Paper Collection Back in Service! July 2, 2021

  1. We have lots of shredding. Glad to hear that you will take that along with our newspapers.
    QUESTION – We currently bag it in large double plastic bags. Will you accept it that way? OR – what is your preference? (Guessing that you don’t want it just dumped on to the pile of newspapers)

    • Glad you asked, Carl! Thanks for supporting our project.

      Yes, shredded materials may be brought in plastic bags. I do it this way: I bring the bag full, walk to the “paper ile” behind the barrier, empty the bag onto the paper pile, and take the plastic bag itself home with me. If that’s too much for you, just leave the full plastic bag and we’ll empty it! Thanks!