Board Minutes, 07-11-2013


JULY 11, 2013


Motion made and seconded to accept minutes of previous meeting.

 Old Business

  1. Annual meeting banquet on September 26th, Ames Golf and Country Club
  2. Updating photo directory —  10 members did not have a page with photo.  Chuck Beall responsible for updates from photos taken by Brent Pearce.
  3. Dues are being paid.  Likely will have some members drop membership.  Number of drops is uncertain at this time.
  4. Empty paper trailer has been delivered.  This is our 4th trailer.  Not paid for 3rd trailer load yet. City of Ames provided several boxes of old music for disposal (contained in 3rd trailer).
  5. Tom Peter reported that no quote for shirts yet.  Noted that must have permission of KI to use logo on shirts.

New Business:

  1. City has requested a $10 donation to Ames Patriotic Council but did not give us any documentation regarding the Patriotic Council.
  2. Tom Peter, Don Muff, Larry Trede will attend District Convention at Prairie Meadows.  Club will pay the $50 registration, as they will be official club delegates.
  3. Committee sign-up sheets for next year will be distributed soon (prior to annual club banquet).

The next board meeting will be held on August 1st.

Submitted by  Sandy Fleck,  Secretary Pro-Tem